Tessie EP

Tessie EP

Released in 2004, Tessie is a song known to Red Sox Fans since the early 1900s. This EP, a benefit for the Red Sox Foundation, became the anthem of the 2004 World Series Championship season in Boston and has become a timeless classic once again.

The EP features two covers of the official anthem of the Boston Red Sox, “Tessie” as well as “The Burden (live on WBCN)” and “Tessie (Old Timey Baseball Version).” “Fields of Athenry” was previously released on the studio album Blackout, “Nutty“, which is also known as “THe Nutrocker“, was released later on Singles Collection, Volume 2, a rarities compilation album and “Tessie” was a bonus track on their next album, The Warrior’s Code, which also included a studio recorded version of “The Burden“. The music video for “Tessie” is included on the enhanced portion of this EP.

More Details
1Tessie (Radio Version)
2Fields of Athenry
3The Nutrocker
4The Burden (Live On WBCN)
5Tessie (Old Timey Baseball Organ Version)
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