Happy Holidays from Dropkick Murphys

Greetings everybody just wanted to say hi, thanks, sorry, etc, etc whatever the case may be.

Christmas season or your holiday of choice is upon us and we just wanted to share our love and gratitude with you all. We are lucky enough to have the greatest fans, family, friends and crew on earth. Here is an example for your yuletide listening pleasure of just how great and thoughtful our road crew truly is!

They have selflessly taken the time to record all their gas related issues from the last tour and have compiled them here in a special holiday greeting that we just received from them today…

We were so moved and touched by this thoughtful display of affection that we thought we’d share it with you here. ENJOY!!!!

And in unrelated and less important news we are currently writing a brand new record that will be recorded in April and released in September. And it’s pretty damn fun so far!!!!!

We are also working on the finishing touches on our Going Out In Style deluxe edition with 90 minutes of Live At Fenway audio and video as well as the limited edition Live At Fenway vinyl release.

And lastly on the touring front, we are adding more shows for St. Patrick’s week and for 2012 in general.

Check the schedule and all our new Christmas merchandise if your so inclined!!!!!

Merry F ing X mas,