Two New Songs!

Hey everyone -NEW MERCH DESIGNS are live in the webstore NOW !! We’re also releasing TWO NEW STANDALONE SINGLES for Christmas this year !! One is a cover of the classic (CHRISTMAS) BABY PLEASE COME HOME – the other is a brand new DKM song I WISH YOU WERE HERE!

These songs will NOT be on the new album. We’ve got special LIMITED EDITION 7-INCH FLEXI DISC SINGLES of EACH SONG. The singles have art on both sides, with a clear Flexidisc on the front. It’s 8 Bucks for both – and they are sold ONLY as a pair. You can also get the 7-inch Flexi Singles FOR FREE with a webstore order of $40 and higher. Keep in mind, the 7-inch versions are limited edition – when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Starting THIS FRIDAY, both songs will be up on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Deezer and all the other streaming services around this world. And….while we have your attention, we’re F***IN EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT OUR NEW ALBUM WILL BE OUT IN JANUARY !! Full details will be announced in early January.