Surprise show at Beachcomber in Quincy


We are proud to announce that we will be performing a special show in honor of the closing of the world famous Beachcomber in Quincy, Mass.

The owners, the McGettrick family, are lifelong friends of Ken’s, and we are honored to be playing the final show there.

Only 250 tix will be on sale.
Here’s how you can get tickets:

150 tickets will be available online, starting at NOON FRIDAY OCTOBER 2, 2015.
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100 tickets will be on sale at the Beachcomber starting at NOON SATURDAY.
You can purchase a maximum of 2 tickets.

The times for Saturday night are as follows:
Doors 7pm
Show 9pm

People who purchase a ticket to the Beachcomber show are entitled to 40% off tickets to Murphys Boxing next event: The Rematch Danny ‘Bhoy’ O’Connor vs. Gabe Bracero. Please contact Mike Bloom for discounted boxing tickets: [email protected]